Value-Centered Consulting

Helping you design success!

What We Do

It All Starts With Clarity of Values

All about you and your family

Our coaches get to know who you are, help you define the values you and your family hold dear, help you construct boundaries informed by these values, help you codify the mission God has placed within you, and establish the disciplines it will take to see it come to fruition. 

Technical Stuff

Coach talking on video conference call

Coaches meet on your schedule, usually online via video-conferencing, though we love to meet in-person if possible. We use a variety of tools tailored to your needs and style of learning or communication.

Our Coaches

Coach and lady talking

Our coaches range in gender, expertise, age, background, denomination - just like our clients! We get to know your needs in a preliminary call then introduce you to a coach who we feel will be the best fit.